Ok so I'm officially moving to another blog... Again... Tumblr allows me show large photos and I get a shorter URL. So, jonathanrussell.tumblr.com

About one month left on my internship. This means I need to plan my studio project for the fall.

For studio I'm thinking I need to do a car/car interior or a motorcycle focusing on good design. So maybe not a model for this project. Maybe I should spend the entire semester pumping out sketches and come up with something I'm truly happy with, something just purely sexy. Then there are a couple of other things I think I need to work on to clean up my portfolio. My friend Vaughan (http://vaughanling.blogspot.com/) is working on a pretty awesome spaceship in Modo and the program seems to work well. So I'm thinking that I should update my Michelin project truck design and build it in Modo. Maybe also create a better story for the project. Something that really describes the future this truck is for. Also, Modo seems like the perfect program for the motorcycle/vehicles I'm designing on my internship. So maybe I start working on those. Tackling one vehicle at a time.

It definitely seems like a lot to do so I'm not trying to force myself to get it all done in one semester but I think getting it started would be beneficial. Anyways, this part of the post is more for me to see my plans physically.

Welp, I think this is my last major post on this blog unless Blogger becomes awesome all of a sudden.

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